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Strength Emerges From Attitude.

Your environment has the power to influence your outlook. That’s why we created a first-class facility and made it accessible to all.

Optimizing performance, in athletics and in life, begins with the right attitude. That’s why everything we do is designed to sustain positivity and encourage dedication.

After establishing a solid foundation, we work alongside our clientele to systematically build confidence and follow through to results, both measurable and mental.


We believe atmosphere has a direct impact on attitude. From the towels in the locker room to the most advanced equipment and training techniques, details matter. Form follows function, and belief follows commitment. 


As an alternative to big-box gyms and small sweat houses, Lift-STL is dedicated to providing an elite training environment for athletes of all levels. 

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Results begin with vision. Whether as an athlete, coach, father or business owner, Eric Humes believes in investing the time up front to establish achievable goals and develop the path to reach them.


In the words of former NFL head coach, Herm Edwards, “A goal without a plan is a wish.” Eric Humes sees himself as a teammate to his clients, putting in the time and the energy to continually optimize for the best output.


As a former three-sport athlete and collegiate baseball player, Eric now channels his competitive drive toward his clients’ goals. Over the last decade, he has trained major and minor leaguers, Navy Seals, high school prospects and NFL lineman Jake Long, to name a few.


By combining professionalism and approachability within a state-of-the-art facility, Eric is bringing his vision to life and challenging his clients to do the same.

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