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Before and After!


Eric Humes

Apr 14, 2020

⭕️ I was washing cars 7 years ago. ⭕️ . My wife and I have brought three kids into this world while bouncing between 6 different jobs in...

Dream, Turned Goal, Turned Reality


Eric Humes

Jan 8, 2020

3 years ago, I am sitting at my desk working for my previous employer and I had this thought come to mind, “There has to be a better...

How To Find The Best Fitness Plan For Your Goals


Eric Humes

Jun 24, 2020

Where Most People Start One-Size-Fits-All Programs & Classes Today you can go just about anywhere to find the newest workout trend. Group...

⭕️ 3 Strength Training Myths You Can't Outrun ⭕️


Eric Humes

Dec 12, 2020

Running on a treadmill 4 days a week may initially help lose small amounts of body fat, but you can only do that for so long. For those...

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