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Before and After!


Eric Humes

Apr 14, 2020

⭕️ I was washing cars 7 years ago. ⭕️


My wife and I have brought three kids into this world while bouncing between 6 different jobs in the past 7 years. There were a lot of challenges and failures along the road to opening Lift-STL, and I could not have prevailed through those struggles if it weren’t for the love and motivation I get from my family.


While working towards getting Lift off the ground, I remember confidently telling my client Mike Mullenix that I just need to get in the game. If I can break through the barriers to open my own gym I would make it successful. I have to laugh a little bit because just two months into the business, and we are faced with unprecedented times.


However, I didn’t start Lift-STL with the hopes that I could retire from training clients and watch the cash roll in. If I wanted to do that I would have picked another business. Lift-STL was founded on the idea that we could create an environment that helped as many people find THEIR strength as we possibly could. Even during tough times like this, that mission stands!!


I let myself feel scared, angry and upset these past couple weeks. After working through those emotions I have come to realize something so beautiful. I fucking love what I do! I am so grateful for this life, my family, our clients, and the chance to help so many people. I can’t help but believe that we are built for this.


Stay strong, we will see you soon,

Eric Humes


📸@atch417 (Instagram)


Eric Humes


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