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  • Male Fat Loss 3.0

Male Fat Loss 3.0


Are you trying to lose body fat and struggling to see results? We have all been at a point in our fitness where we have hit a plateau, or we have read so much information that we are unsure the best possible place to start. Perhaps it’s time to stop overanalyzing your plan, and time to start applying our 5 biggest tips for fat loss!


But first, let’s get one thing out of the way. Fat loss is not a sustainable endeavor. Fat loss is not a lifestyle. Sustainable means to be maintained. Fat loss is a change for your body while maintenance is the absence of change. Using “fat loss” and “sustainable” in the same sentence is not a way to achieve life-changing results! Instead, let’s get after our fat loss plan and then maintain the results after we get where we want.


It’s time to move correctly and consistently. We NEED you to be impatient. If you have no sense of urgency then you will meander, find excuses and ultimately fail. Let’s get to work.

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