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How To Find The Best Fitness Plan For Your Goals

Where Most People Start

One-Size-Fits-All Programs & Classes

Today you can go just about anywhere to find the newest workout trend. Group classes with 40+ individuals doing the same workout, an 8-week boot camp to fat loss, "6 weeks to a New PR”, or a 5 day workout for 6 pack abs...all promising you results. But are these programs for you? Do they meet your individual needs? Are you truly seeing results?

The truth is that there is no “one-size-fits-all” training and nutrition program. One-size-fits-all programs will rarely get you the best possible results.

There is no "one-size-fits-all" training and nutrition program.

A Better Way

Custom Fitness Plans

In order to design a training program that will give you the best possible results, we must know your needs and capabilities. A one-size-fits-all training plan can be a big problem for some individuals; some generic programs can be effective, but when it comes to peak performance you need a tailored program.

Individualizing a program based on your desires and needs can turn a good program into an optimal program. To accomplish this, you must know your goals, weaknesses, strengths, and physiological makeup before a program can be designed or you start training in the gym.

How To Get A Custom Fitness Plan

Start With The Evaluation

Identifying your goals, strengths, weaknesses and physiological makeup does not happen through osmosis. It happens in the evaluation!

At Lift-STL we pride ourselves on our comprehensive performance evaluations. This is our chance to get it right from the very start! Each training option we provide begins with a thorough assessment of your current fitness level and personal goals, with actionable steps to pursue right away, including:

  • Overview of health history/activity level

  • Understanding of goals

  • Inbody 570 Bodyfat Testing

  • Movement Assessment

  • Strength Test

  • Evaluation Summary

  • Health Recommendations

The goal with our performance evaluations is to find out exactly where you are and exactly where you want to go. We use that information to create a program that optimally trains the difference!

History Overview & Understanding of Goals

We begin with the most important part of the entire evaluation--the questionnaire. We fill out the questionnaire with you in person rather than you filling it out on your own beforehand; this is our chance to really listen to not only your history, but how it makes you feel to dig deeper into what you really want out of training.

Sometimes people have a tendency to say/write what they think will make other people happy as their goals. We want to cut through that noise and find out what will really make you happy!

We’re figuring out where you’ve been and truly want to go in this part of the evaluation. This will set the framework for the tests we perform in the rest of the evaluation.

fitness evaluation questionnaire
During the questionnaire, we're figuring out where you've been and where you truly want to go.

InBody 570 Body Composition Analysis

The InBody 570 body composition analyzer goes beyond traditional body composition analysis, measuring fat, muscle, and total body water. Total body water data can be divided into intracellular water and extracellular water, values important for understanding your fluid distribution in medical, wellness and fitness contexts. The test is non-invasive, accurate and very efficient.

We use this test continuously throughout a training program to measure your progress. We understand that you may not want to look at your numbers, but numbers do not lie, and we’re here to help you face and improve those numbers! We do not judge you for where you’re starting--we all start somewhere. We’re proud of you for taking the proper step to get your health in order.

InBody 570 Body Composition Results
The numbers do not lie. We'll help you face and improve your numbers.

Movement Assessment & Strength Test

Movement and strength go hand-in-hand. This test is our way to pick the low hanging fruit when we start our training program. We’re looking for the simplest tool that will provide the greatest results.

Movement Test
Movement and strength go hand in hand. We're looking for the simplest tool that will provide the greatest results.

Knowing your relative strengths and weaknesses allows us to choose the training methods best suited to your needs. For example, an individual with a less than efficient nervous system will benefit from training means that will increase his neural drive. Another client may have a very efficient nervous system, but a low amount of muscle mass. This individual will benefit from an increase in the “size of his motor.”

Strength Test
Knowing your relative strengths and weaknesses allows us to choose the best training methods for your needs.

Furthermore, some individuals have what are called “muscle imbalances.” If the agonist and antagonist muscles of the same joint are way out of balance, it can increase the risk of injury. Knowing which muscles are too weak compared to their antagonist will allow us to choose exercises that will not only improve performance, but also reduce the risk of injury.

Evaluation Summary & Health Recommendations

We never let a client walk away empty handed. If during the evaluation we discover we’re not the right fit for each other, we still share all the information we found so you can have a better understanding of your health and fitness moving forward.

Evaluation Summary
We share all the information from the evaluation so you have a better understanding of your health.

Our goal is to send you with two actionable items you can start that day to begin moving towards your goals. If you decide to move forward with a comprehensive training plan, then we'll set a schedule and timeline to achieve your specific goals.

Schedule Your Evaluation Now

You put countless hours in at the gym and deserve to see optimal results. The first step in getting optimal results is to understand where you’ve been and where you are now, and that happens in a comprehensive evaluation.

In the Lift-STL evaluation, we’ll work with you step by step to understand your complete health history, goals, body composition, movement and strength abilities, and give you actionable recommendations you can implement the same day to begin moving toward your goals.

Your optimal results shouldn’t wait any longer. Let’s do this.

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